Family Office Networks

Originally created to bring the financial industry and its expert professionals to single family and multi-family offices, the main objective of Family Office Networks is to allow access to the most current family office news and updates across the globe. Our valuable members are given access to an exclusive club that has been virtually impossible to penetrate before now. As the premiere organization in our industry, Family Office Networks offers unique tools and resources for all of our membership holders that allows access to the entire network of individual family offices and all of their beneficial service providers.

Family Office Networks and our unique business concept has been around for centuries, allowing us to perfect wealth management and financial management for extremely wealthy individuals world wide. The present day Family Office Networks was first incorporated in the 19th century and includes some of the most renown financial service providers in the industry, like J.P Morgan. Interestingly, J.P Morgan was first started as a single family office under the House of Morgan. Because of the success rate of Family Office Networks, the Rockefellers established their own family office in 1982, which is still in business to this very day. The main objective of the family offices is to maintain and protect families that have large fortunes, trusts and successful family owned businesses. In addition, we offer our members effective and efficient ways to manage family fortunes through specific financial investments and charitable donations, while ensuring confidentiality, risk management consolidation and transparency. Family Office Networks offers two types of family offices for our members, a Single Family Office (SFO) and a Multi-Family Office (MFO).



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