Small Cap Nation News™

Half hour program of small cap financial news Monday – Friday and a half hour summary show of the preceding week. This will include weekly on-sight reporting from the NYSE and NASDAQ New York and NASDAQ San Francisco as well as correspondents in Europe and Asia.

Small Cap Nation Corporate Profiles™

Half hour format highlighting one public or private company including one or more hosts, analysts and commentary from industry experts as well as competitors.

I. The main segment of the interview will be filmed live at the NYSE with hosts Alan Valdes and Jane King. The second segment will be filmed at our midtown, New York studio hosted and blended together by Damon Roberts. Approximately two weeks after the show is filmed and ready to air phase two includes:

  • An intense day of presentations with private, retail, institutional and family office investors.
  • A VIP launch event held at the NYSE after the closing bell (over 100+ investors).
  • SCN Corp Profiles will launch the full show and announce the media schedule and marketing plan.

Monthly "Thought Leader" Series

Small Cap Nation™ will deliver a monthly Thought Leader Series program initially consisting of 4 categories:

  1. Hedge Fund - Hosted by Don Steinbrugge, Managing Partner, Agecroft Partners
  2. Biotech & Life Sciences - Hosted by Biotech Analyst John McCamant, Publisher of BioInvest’s Medical Technology Stock Letter (MTSL)
  3. Cannabis - Hosted by Alan Valdes and Ron Throgmartin of Diego Pellicer Worldwide “DPWW”
  4. Startups - Hosted by Eileen Wu and Graham I. Brown, this programming will incorporate monthly updates highlighting Stony Brook’s CEWIT. In preliminary discussion regarding hosting an international competition held at Stony Brook University CEWIT, in collaboration with Dr. Sharma, and Dr. Shamash with SBU startup NY, CEWIT and SUNY Korea.


The programming will be distributed across multiple platforms through our IP protected distribution platform and with support from SUNY Stony Brook CEWIT, both online and broadcast, including a SmallCapNation branded YouTube channel, other Over-The-Top (OTT) channels such as Roku Streaming, Amazon TV, Google TV, and others.

The programming will also be seen on cable TV in more than 50 million homes in more than 52 markets around the country.

A proactive social media campaign will round out the distribution of content. It is the Company’s goal to further expand distribution by being picked up by more established entities such as Reuters and Bloomberg networks domestically, and international financial news with a video centric presence such as, and others within 12 months of launch.

This will be a video centric digital distribution platform with production emphasis that enables cross-platform distribution, and particularly targets the massive growth in mobile viewing audiences and revenue sources.

By producing and distributing news and information dedicated to small-cap stocks, in a readily accessible format, the Company is expecting to become the “place to go” for information about this dynamic part of the economy.