Leading BioSciences Introduces New Lead Drug Candidate For Gastrointestinal Diseases

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By Jutta Schulze

Thomas Hallam Ph.D., CEO of Leading BioSciences, Inc., recently introduced the company’s lead drug LB1148, which is currently in the second phase of clinical trials. The focus of the treatment is on the gastrointestinal area of the human body, with both preventative as well as curative benefits.

Hallam explains that the GI tract and its balance of enzymes, bacteria, and other microorganisms is responsible to a high degree for both our health, as well as our illnesses. While the body’s tissues and circulatory system are protected by the so-called mucosal barrier that separates them from the gut, it sometimes happens that this barrier is unstable or compromised, thus leading to damage to the intestinal tract, the organs, or cells. In many instances, this situation can cause severe acute or chronic illness, or other complications that put a patient’s life in serious danger.

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LB1148 is currently undergoing clinical trials as a drug administered before abdominal surgery. One of its benefits is bringing digestion to a halt by blocking the digestive enzymes. This mechanism assures that the enzymes are prevented from spilling over to the tissue, for example during surgical incisions in the abdominal area. The second mechanism of LB1148 involves the resealing of the mucosal barrier and helping the body to transport enzymes down to the GI tract, so that the body can heal itself faster.

Hallam believes that by reducing the risks of enzymes damaging the surrounding tissue and speeding up the process of repairing the mucosal barrier, patients will recover from abdominal surgery in less time, thus reducing the length of hospital stays and general recovery time. The patent-protected formulation of LB1148 has also shown positive results in the areas of septic, cardiogenic, and hemorrhagic shock as well as reducing other complications that may arise during surgery, including multiple-organ failure.

As a company, Leading BioSciences benefits from an outstanding team of professionals that comprises both science and business. They have participated in a number of clinical trials with positive and groundbreaking results. The company’s portfolio includes pre-clinical research and trials related to some of the fastest-spreading illnesses, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol, all of which are related to the digestive system and the production of certain enzymes by our metabolism. Leading BioSciences aims to develop novel therapies and diagnostic technologies in order to help treat these conditions with a growing number of patients from a pharmacological perspective.

Leading BioSciences was founded in 2005 and has received over 22 million dollars in funding for their research from National Institutes of Health, and has made several advancements related to microbiome ecosystem in the gastrointestinal tract.

Disclosures: The author, Jutta Schulze, holds no interest in any of the securities or entities mentioned above.

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