Transparency In Trading: CEO Ron Chernesky Explains investFeed’s Unique Take On Social Investing

By: Pablo Erbar

investFeed is “a social investment platform that is kind of like Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), but it allows our users to connect a brokerage account and compare their real-time trades with each other,” investFeed co-founder and CEO Ron Chernesky said in a recent interview with Small Cap Nation.

By allowing users to see the real-time performance of what other investors are trading, the company has created a fully open and transparent environment. According to the Chief Executive, investFeed’s uniqueness lies in its core model’s focus on transparency, something that is lacking in the industry.

Despite the common reluctance among traders to share information regarding their portfolio, transparency is gaining traction thanks to growing involvement of the millennial generation. Traders from this generation are “very open to this – you know, they don’t think twice about sharing their trade, sharing their portfolio, showing what percentages they have,” Chernesky added. This shift has created a new paradigm for social investing, allowing the investFeed community to grow rapidly.

In addition to fundamental data and newsfeeds, investFeed is currently focusing on testing with crowd-sourced data, as well as developing new ways for users to obtain information without having to do their own market research.

“We’re really focused on right now, on growing our user base and growing the different tools and technology,” Chernesky assured. After going live around a year ago, investFeed has completed the construction of its core infrastructure and is now in the process of seeking capital to expand, invest in research, and continue to improve its product.

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