Asclepius Life Sciences Fund, L.P. to Invest in Public and Private Life Sciences Companies

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By Jutta Schulze

Asclepius Life Sciences Fund, L.P is a unique life sciences fund that offers an all-in-one investment structure, including private equity, hedge funds, and the stock market, relying on a master-feeder structure both on- and offshore. Their range of investments includes pharmaceuticals, bio-tech and biosciences, healthcare, personal care, and agriculture, among others.

Michael J. Levas, CIO and co-founder or Asclepius Life Sciences Fund, emphasizes that cooperation in the public sector presupposes a thorough understanding of the rationale behind the business, especially when it comes to the development of drugs and formulations that are still pending approval, while in the case of larger, well-known companies, the fund will especially look at metrics. Levas mentions that private companies offer unique opportunities for investments, whereas Asclepius focuses on specific characteristics that they “believe are going to be in the cutting edge going forward.”

The pharma industry already now constitutes a market of around $400 billion a year, and is expected to deliver growth of 22% within the next five years.

Potential risks are managed and reduced through active interest and hedging by Asclepius’ team, which consists of both renowned entrepreneurs within the area of life sciences, as well as members with medical backgrounds who add their long-standing expertise from the areas of medical devices and hospitals.

In terms of macro trends, Levas mentions that there are several diseases that will gain even more global importance, such as diabetes, while more private and public companies in the life sciences sector are looking for investment funds such as Asclepius.


Disclosures: The author, Jutta Schulze, holds no interest in any of the securities or entities mentioned above. He has not received compensation for this article, other than from Small Cap Nation. The statements above do not constitute recommendations. The article has been based on publicly available information, and seeks to be unbiased and non-promotional.


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