Raising Capital with Regulation A+: Manhattan Street Capital Offers Thorough Approach to Small-Cap Companies

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By Jutta Schulze

Manhattan Street Capital, Inc. (MSC) is an online funding platform dedicated to helping companies raise capital. The platform targets mature start-ups and mid-sized companies and connects them with investors. The concept is based on the offering of shares via Regulation A+, which was changed in 2015 in favor of so-called “non-accredited investors”, enabling them to invest in start-ups and small businesses. The regulation allows both investors and companies seeking funding to operate with greater flexibility.

In a recent interview with Small Cap Nation, Manhattan Street Capital’s founder & CEO Rod Turner introduced Blue Marble Biomaterials as the first company going live on the platform. Blue Marble’s mission is to replace petroleum-based chemicals for a sustainable alternative with zero carbon foot print.

Turner claims that from the 1,400 companies represented on MSC’s platform, about 300 have the potential to come through their system. Once the companies have set up their fundamentals, the most important aspect in order to succeed is how strongly they appeal to consumers. Turner emphasized that the counseling of those companies, in terms of their possibilities within the crowdfunding community, is extremely important.

Thanks to his professional background as CEO, founder, and manager of several companies and acquisitions, Turner’s claim that, executives trust him to assess whether they really have what it takes to be long-term successful entities, certainly seems justified. In this sense, Manhattan Street Capital offers a thorough and selective approach regarding the companies they choose to work with.


Disclosures: The author, Jutta Schulze, holds no interest in any of the securities or entities mentioned above. He has not received compensation for this article, other than from Small Cap Nation. The statements above do not constitute recommendations. The article has been based on publicly available information, and seeks to be unbiased and non-promotional.


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