Knightscope Presents A New Generation Of Security Robots For Crime Prevention

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By Jutta Schulze

Knightscope, Inc. is a security technology company that has developed a new series of robots able to autonomously patrol indoor and outdoor surroundings. As Knightscope Chairman and CEO William Santana Li explains, these robots are intended to support regular security personnel in their tasks.

The company has developed two types of robots, the K3 and K5, which navigate indoor and outdoor spaces respectively, can be accessed via smart technologies. They are equipped with 360-degree video cameras and different types of sensors such as sonar and inertia measurement, thermal imaging, license plate recognition and people detection, among others. Possible spaces where they could be used successfully include corporate campuses, universities, shopping malls, as well as airports or hospitals.

The robots are programmed to immediately send an alert as soon as they detect something suspicious within their defined parameters, so that a security guard can instantly take a look at the visual data. As a result, necessary actions can be taken quickly, reducing the risk taken by the humans involved.

Knightscope offers their robots in a Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) model meant to reduce cost, time, complexity, and stress in comparison to the more traditional solution of employing a greater number of human security guards. This service includes free-of-charge upgrades and maintenance of software and hardware to make sure that the patrolling units are up to date at all times.

Santana Li argues that the technology makes a difference in a world in which situations of violence are constantly on the rise, because it focuses on prevention through the gathering of intelligence and smarter handling of the decision-making process.

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