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 In SCN Blog is an information technology company that offers a business tool providing real time and tailored information to sales teams. The tool filters information for specific business needs and interests, and can be fully integrated into any CRM solution. Daniel Araújo, co-founder and CEO of Attentive, says that the idea arose from the fact that there is too much information available and that they were looking for an assistant to do the filtering, while providing just the information that is needed at a specific time and for a specific task or interest.

Araújo said, they are looking for special partnerships with companies to offer them “the right information at the right time,” and Small Cap Nation (SCN) will be one of the companies forming a partnership with Attentive. The tool goes through several thousand sources on behalf of their clients, filtering updates on companies and matching this information using customized watch lists.

Attentive has included more than fifty thousand companies in their search engine service and the system is growing every day. This is accomplished through machine-learning, a form of customized automation which keeps adding new companies to their system as well as information available on the companies already included.

From a user perspective, Attentive gives them the chance to spend more time analyzing the data they have at hand rather than just collecting it. The tool saves time because it allows customized alerts to be set up and databases to be updated automatically with the right amount of information once it is connected to a local CRM system such as This allows them to act more quickly upon the news from their competitors, investors, or partners. One of the key moments, Araújo said, is when users and analysts realize the added value of the tool in terms of business decisions: “the moment that they get the first email [alert] saying [that] one of your six thousand [companies] just got investment, you should call them straight away […] is a really, really clever moment where you see that this intelligence technology on top of your stack makes a big difference in your workflow.”

Attentive and its team are currently based in Portugal but there are plans to move to the US at the beginning of next year. The plan is to grow into a global company and for the business intelligence market, Araújo argues, it is essential to win the US market first. The largest potential for Attentive lies in the technology, finance, and software B2B markets because they have to handle very large amount of information, though Araújo also sees great possibilities for growth in other sectors and job functions.

Disclosures: The author, Jutta Schulze, holds no interest in any of the securities or entities mentioned above. He has not received compensation for this article, other than from Small Cap Nation. The statements above do not constitute recommendations. The article has been based on publicly available information, and seeks to be unbiased and non-promotional.

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