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Stock Watch Index

StockWatchIndex (SWI) is a new concept of an exceptionally focused stock information and consulting service approach with its website, associated newsletter and extensive social network outreach program. SWI provides investors with relevant and up to date information focused on specific industry sectors, making it considerably easier to break through the noise and clutter of the typical mass-market services. SWI will be publishing a set of sub sites focused on specific financial market segments.

Solid Analysis

No ridiculous claims of guaranteed 1000% percent returns and a 110% success rate for top-secret stock picks, just solid analysis and distribution of information crucial to the investor’s investment decision. SWI thrives to be an analytical and intimately connected stock review publication uncovering and reporting on investments that will generate a solid return for its investors over time. SWI provides frequently updated information, special stock picks and free subscriber services to download continuously updated and informative white papers for top management, aspiring managers in small public companies or companies that have plans to go public.

Rainer Poertner

After completing his education at the University in Frankfurt, Germany and gathering extensive business experience in the European and US entertainment industry, Mr. Poertner moved to the US in 1986. As founder, CEO, Chairman and majority shareholder of two privately held and two publicly traded software/internet companies in the US, he was responsible for managing the companies’ technical, financial and business development and securing funding for acquisitions and corporate working capital purposes through a network of private investors and US and overseas investment banking firms.

Mr. Poertner has developed and launched and, the first two sites in a group of a new and leading edge financial social network of sites, newsletters and message boards for investors, analysts and fund managers.

Mr. Poertner was the senior consultant for MWWAutomotive until June 2013 and was responsible for taking the company public. He has been advising MWW on global business development, acquisitions, communication with the public market, fund raising, investor relations and financial and strategic planning.

Mr. Poertner has a 27-year record of founding, leading and consulting with private and publicly traded companies in Europe and the US and has extensive relationships with investment banks, funds and brokerage firms throughout the US, with a concentration in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Mr. Poertner studied sociology, economy and psychology at the University of Frankfurt and received a degree in economics from the Klinger Business School in Frankfurt in 1973.

In 1995 Mr. Poertner received the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award by the Software Council of Southern California. In 1999 Mr. Poertner received the "Golden Satellite" award by the International Press Academy.


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Small Cap Movers


PNK : DPWW - 17 Jun, 2:07pm
+0.00 (+0.00%) After Hours:
Open 0.85 Mktcap 32.13M
High 0.85 52wk Hight 0.85
Low 0.85 52wk Low 0.85
Vol 300 Avg Vol
Eps P/e
Currency: USD


PNK : BKYI - 17 Jun, 2:48pm
-0.015 (-5.357%) After Hours:
Open 0.285 Mktcap 17.58M
High 0.285 52wk Hight 0.310
Low 0.250 52wk Low 0.100
Vol 6425 Avg Vol 128519
Eps P/e
Currency: USD

Chanticleer Holdings, Inc.

NCM : HOTR - 17 Jun, 4:00pm
+0.02 (+4.70%) After Hours:
Open 0.45 Mktcap 10.46M
High 0.50 52wk Hight 3.01
Low 0.45 52wk Low 0.44
Vol 31857 Avg Vol 67852
Eps -0.27 P/e
Currency: USD

NanoViricides, Inc. NEW Common

ASE : NNVC - 17 Jun, 4:02pm
+0.13 (+8.44%) After Hours:
Open 1.55 Mktcap 96.81M
High 1.71 52wk Hight 3.44
Low 1.54 52wk Low 0.89
Vol 124211 Avg Vol 212819
Eps -0.20 P/e
Currency: USD

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