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John McCamant

John McCamant

John McCamant joined the Medical Technology Stock Letter as Associate Editor in 1987 and was named Editor of this leading investment newsletter in August 2000.

John McCamant has spent twenty five years on the front lines of biotechnology investing. As an equities analyst for the American Healthcare Fund, he uncovered investment opportunities and guided investment strategy.

At Burrill & Company, a San Francisco-based private merchant bank, he was a lead in raising $75 million for a venture capital fund. Mr. McCamant has established an extensive network that includes contacts throughout the investment banking and venture capital communities.

His expertise in biotechnology investments is a subject of media interest. He is frequently consulted and quoted by The Washington Post, Business Week, Reuters, Bloomberg, CBS Marketwatch.



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Small Cap Movers


PNK : DPWW - 17 Aug, 2:55pm
-0.02 (-3.70%) After Hours:
Open 0.56 Mktcap 20.02M
High 0.60 52wk Hight 0.60
Low 0.50 52wk Low 0.50
Vol 50634 Avg Vol
Eps P/e
Currency: USD


PNK : BKYI - 17 Aug, 11:00am
-0.0001 (-0.0417%) After Hours:
Open 0.2398 Mktcap 15.89M
High 0.2398 52wk Hight 0.3100
Low 0.2398 52wk Low 0.1000
Vol 4000 Avg Vol 132741
Eps P/e
Currency: USD

Chanticleer Holdings, Inc.

NCM : HOTR - 17 Aug, 3:58pm
-0.01 (-2.27%) After Hours:
Open 0.45 Mktcap 9.44M
High 0.45 52wk Hight 1.60
Low 0.43 52wk Low 0.40
Vol 60565 Avg Vol 79906
Eps -0.27 P/e
Currency: USD

NanoViricides, Inc. NEW Common

ASE : NNVC - 17 Aug, 4:00pm
-0.01 (-0.59%) After Hours:
Open 1.69 Mktcap 97.97M
High 1.72 52wk Hight 3.44
Low 1.69 52wk Low 0.89
Vol 18299 Avg Vol 115473
Eps -0.20 P/e
Currency: USD

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