BioTech Executive Media Event


BioTech Executive Media Event

December 10th, 2015

Filmed at Times Square Reuters News Television Studio

Small Cap Nation invites you to explore an opportunity to develop and refresh your investor marketing and messaging material in line for the start of the 1st quarter. Get your site and messaging ready to tell your Company's story in a compelling fashion ahead of the JP Morgan Healthcare and the Biotech Showcase week in San Francisco next month!

We are taping a BioTech Executive Event on December 10 in midtown Manhattan, shot at the NASDAQ Market Site studio and the Reuters News studio in Times Square, and we would like to invite your participation.

Featuring our on air hosts, Jane King and Patricia Wu, each Company CEO will participate in a 10 minute interview w one of our hosts at NASDAQ Market Site studio; participate in a one-on-one interview with securities analysts and /or newsletter publishers, at the Reuters TV News Studio in Times Square, and then finally, will participate in a roundtable format discussion with other CEOs, also shot at the Reuters studio.


Intense 3 segment recordings focused on the BioTech sector

  • One-on-one 5 minute interview from NASDAQ Studio with Company senior management
  • Interview with leading BioTech newsletter & analyst experts
  • Roundtable Peer Show to air on Fox Business Network
  • Inclusion in television road show produced specifically for Brokers


  • FOX BUSINESS NETWORK on Direct TV/FIOS/Xfinity/AT&T U-Verse
  • Cable Nationwide including Time Warner and COX, 75 million Households
  • Small Cap Nation’s proprietary network of more than 5 million active Small Cap nvestors
  • Publishers
  • Acorn Management Partners – emphasis on retail investors through broad independent Broker Network
  • Salomon Bio Invest network
  • Individual Company Interview posted on 300 local news websites that will optimize Google SEO


  • Make-up artist
  • Times Square backdrop
  • Live from Nasdaq and NYSE (if company is a listed member)
  • 12 month discount on all Small Cap Nation programs



SCN Lead Anchor.

Former anchor of the “Bloomberg 

Business Report” and “Bloomberg 
Market Update.


SCN Anchor/Correspondent. 

Former CNN International

anchor and Bloomberg 


Several Key BioTech Analysts including;


JMP Securities

Managing Director and

Senior Biotech Analyst




BioInvest Medical
Technology Stock Letter

His expertise in biotechnology

investments is a subject of 

media interest


Jones Trading






Contact Information

Hugh Austin
Office: (631) 509-2565

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