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SCN's Julia Sun Interviews Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. CEO Joseph Konowiecki (AES:BH, OAL:GR)


The AES Agent Emulation® System powered by Psychographic Persuasion™ Technology is an enterprise wide Customer Experience platform that uses advanced behavioral psychology, linguistics and artificial intelligence to emulate the way humans think, behave and are persuaded to act.  The Platform helps create highly persuasive, synchronized, Omni-Channel experiences for use in web self-service environments, live agent call centers, emails, SMS messages, mobile apps, kiosks and ATMs in complete compliance with risk and regulatory rules.  


More information about Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (AES:BH; OAL:GR) is available at http://www.aestrue.com.

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PNK : DPWW - 05 Aug, 3:27pm
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Open 0.65 Mktcap 22.68M
High 0.65 52wk Hight 0.65
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PNK : BKYI - 05 Aug, 3:59pm
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Low 0.22 52wk Low 0.10
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Chanticleer Holdings, Inc.

NCM : HOTR - 05 Aug, 3:58pm
+0.016 (+3.810%) After Hours:
Open 0.420 Mktcap 9.30M
High 0.440 52wk Hight 1.930
Low 0.410 52wk Low 0.400
Vol 151535 Avg Vol 80344
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NanoViricides, Inc. NEW Common

ASE : NNVC - 05 Aug, 4:02pm
+0.01 (+0.59%) After Hours:
Open 1.70 Mktcap 99.13M
High 1.74 52wk Hight 3.44
Low 1.70 52wk Low 0.89
Vol 117155 Avg Vol 126927
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